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How to Make a beautiful Peacock Home Decor from Plastic Ball

This craft can be used as a Storage box as well

Things You Need

  • Shilpkar Clay, Golden Decorative Beads, Plastic Ball, Aluminium Wire, Aluminium Foil Paper, Plier
  • Pen, Cutter, Jar Lid, Sand paper, Acrylic Colors, Brushes


  • Let’s start with a plastic ball.
  • Take a jar lid and mark the dimensions of it on the plastic ball as shown.
  • Apply glue on the marking.
  • Now paste the jar lid over the marking.
  • Take a cello tape and mark the markings of its dimensions on the plastic ball.
  • Take the aluminium wire and cut it using pliers.
  • Give it the required shape using pliers and fix it in the plastic ball as shown.
  • This will serve as the handle for the home decor.
  • Take the aluminium foil and paste it on the handle as shown.
  • Now take more such aluminium foils, make the required designs as shown and fix it on the surface of the ball.
  • This is how the arrangement will look like.
  • Take the Shilpkar clay and make it soft with your hands as shown here.
  • Flatten the clay and paste it on the plastic ball as shown here.
  • Now paste the clay on the designed aluminium foil portions as well.
  • Paste some more clay on the surface of the design to get the desired shape.
  • Make some more designs from the clay as shown.
  • Paste these designs on the surface of the ball as shown.
  • Allow the clay to dry and this is how the design will look like.
  • Now roll the clay and make some more designs to paste it on the ball as shown here.
  • Use a toothpick to make the designed pattern.
  • It looks really nice with all the designs.
  • Now roll the clay and paste it on the base of the arrangement.
  • Again make the required pattern using a tooth pick.
  • Let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Use a sandpaper to rub the surface of the clay to make the surface smooth.
  • Use a cutter to cut out the upper surface of the ball. This will be the opening to keep your stuffs.
  • Now take the cut out portion and paste clay on it to form the lid for the decorative arrangement.
  • Roll and paste the clay on the edges of the lid and make the desired pattern on it.
  • Use a cutter to cut out a small piece from the center of the lid.
  • Now make a clay ball as shown here.
  • Paste this clay ball on the cut out portion to give the lid a beautiful look.
  • Now make some more designs with clay and paste it on the handle like this.
  • Paint the arrangement with different shades to give it the appearance of a peacock.
  • Paint the designs as well with different colors as shown.
  • Mix yellow and white paint as shown and use it to paint the body of the peacock.
  • Now paint the patterns present at the edge of the peacock decor.
  • Similarly, paint the lid with off white color as shown along with the border pattern.
  • Now highlight the edges using orange and red color like this.
  • Color the crest of the peacock as well.
  • This is how the peacock home decor will look like post painting.
  • Now make the eyes and beak of the peacock as shown.
  • Take the lid and close the ball with it.
  • Now decorate this pot with decorative golden beads as shown.
  • Wow!! Your beautiful and useful home decor is now ready.
  • You can also keep your stuffs inside this beautiful peacock home decor craft.

Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!