How to Make DIY Clay Doll And Swing Easy Clay Sculpting Tutorial

How to Make a DIY Clay Doll and Swing for an Amazing Home Decor. This is a beautiful Room Decor craft made using Ceramic Powder. It looks so fresh, lively and unique that everybody will just love it!

Things You Need

Ruler, Scissors, Cutter, Divider Tool, Pencil, Iron Nail & Hooks, Small Piece of Wood, Craft Wire, Chain

Sand, Pliers, Cotton, Dried Branches, Aluminium Foil Paper, Artificial Leaves and Grass, Piece of Fabric, Decorative Stones & Pearls

Mount Board, Sand paper, Ceramic Powder, Woodfinish Oil, Glue Gun & Sticks, Colors & Brushes, Fevibond & Adhesive.

Procedure for DIY Clay Doll

  • Take a mount board and cut out a circle to make the base of the craft.
  • Cut out the circle using a cutter.
  • We need two such circular cut outs.
  • Now measure 1 cm width on the mount board and cut out a long strip from it.
  • Paste the strip on the circular cardboard as shown.
  • Paste the other circle on top of this arrangement in this way.
  • Take the wooden branches and draw the base of the branch on the circular arrangement.
  • Cut out this portion using a cutter.
  • cover the cut out area with a cello tape.
  • Now apply adhesive all over the surface of the base.
  • Spread sand on the surface evenly to cover the base properly.
  • Apply woodfinish oil on dried sand for shiny effect.
  • Now make a small hole to fix the hooks in piece of wood and branch to make the swing.
  • Cut out the cello tape and fix the branch of the tree in the hole as shown here.
  • Now stick the small branches of the tree to the main branch as shown here.
  • Paste the stones at the base of the branch.
  • Now fix the chain to the hooks of the branch and the wooden piece to make the swing.
  • Make a paste of ceramic powder, cotton and adhesive as shown here.
  • Keep this ceramic clay aside for some time.
  • Make a body structure of doll using the craft wire.
  • Take the craft wire and using pliers give it the shape of a doll’s body.
  • Take aluminium papers and fix it on the craft wire as shown.
  • Fix this paper doll on the swing as shown.
  • Now use the ceramic clay to make doll.
  • Now take a fabric cloth and wrap the doll with it as shown.
  • Before painting the doll, cover the base with a newspaper to prevent the spilling of colors.
  • Now paint the doll with white color.
  • Remove the swing from the tree and make a smooth surface of the doll using sand paper.
  • Paint the doll using different colors as shown here.
  • Take a golden metallic paint to highlight the colors like this.
  • Apply the golden paint on the chain of the swing for more shine.
  • Apply the woodfinish oil on the dried branches and the doll.
  • Decorate the doll with decorative stones, pearls and beads as shown here.
  • Paste the artificial leaves and grass on the tree and the base respectively.

Wow!! Your amazing home decor is now ready.

Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!