Recycled Craft Ideas : How to Make Lampshade From Plastic Bottles | Best Out of Waste Projects

his is a beautiful DIY Home Decor Table Lamp craft that you can make at home

Things you Need

Wire, Green Tape, Scissors, Glitter, Lighter, Cutter, Pencil, Scale, Craft Wire, Crepe Paper

Decorative stones, Glue gun, Acrylic Colors, Color Palette, Decorative Tape, Brush, Decoration Light, Plastic Bottle


  • Take a plastic bottle and cut and separate the neck and upper portion of the bottle as shown.
  • Now cut and remove the mouth of the bottle.
  • Now take a piece of plastic and cut a circular piece similar to the mouth of the bottle.
  • Paste and seal the bottle’s mouth using glue gun.
  • Now paint the sections of the bottle as shown here.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Take a wire and warm one of its end using lighter. Now make a hole in the lamp head.
  • Now pass the craft wire through the lamp. This will be used to hang the lamp.
  • Make Warli painting designs on the border of the lamp as shown.
  • Now, highlight the dividing section using glitters.
  • Cut out plastic leaves from the remaining plastic bottle.
  • Paint the leaves with green color and add details.
  • Take a crepe paper and make leaf like cut outs as shown.
  • To make the lamp’s stand, take 3 rounds of 1 mm aluminium wire and shape it in a triangular base.
  • Take 3 rounds of the wire and give it a L shape as shown.
  • Now wind the end of the L shaped wire, to the 3 corners of the base.
  • Now cover this aluminium stand using green tape.
  • Now we need to paste the flowers and the leaves to the stand.
  • Now cover the stand using decorative tape.
  • Now cover the triangular base with decorative lace and stones as shown.
  • Attach the plastic lamp shade to the L shaped craft wire as shown.
  • Attach the decoration light for the plastic bottle lampshade.
  • Your plastic bottle table lamp is now ready.

Hope you loved watching our DIY table lamp making tutorial. Thanks and Happy Crafting!


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